Backyard Friends Community Suppers


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In 2006, a group of community people involved in food programs got together for a workshop to learn about Food Security, that ideal state where there's always enough healthy food. Through much discussion, we imagined hosting a Community Meal where everyone is welcome and there would be enough healthy food for all to enjoy.

Backyard Friends is celebrating 10 years of community suppers. Backyard Friends is open to everyone and takes place on the third Wednesday of every month, 5:30 PM at the Lacombe Memorial Centre.

The monthly supper at the LMC serves between 120 to 130 meals to a cross-section of the community; the meal is always attractive and delicious. But it takes a small army of volunteers who come faithfully every month to peel and chop, season and stir, serve and scrub. There are usually 25 – 30 volunteers working for 50 – 60 hours in order to bring this healthy meal to the table. Some of our volunteers are church-based groups and some are individuals who love to help others. Backyard Friends is a true community gathering where the volunteers have as much fun working together as they do enjoying the meal. Even children get involved and learn, from a young age, the importance of community service.