Tools for School

The Tools for School program assists local families with equipping their children with the tools they need. Qualifying students choose a backpack to their liking, and the school supplies items requested from that child's teacher, grade and school are packed. Older children in pre-determined schools can choose to go a different route. They can choose a backpack and a yearly Chromebook rental. Many older students feel this is a more important tool in today's school culture. At FCSS we understand that a second-grade girl from Clive has different needs than an eleventh grader who attended Lacombe Composite.

The Shoes for School program is a fairly new initiative of Lacombe FCSS and was born from community feedback. Children and youth need good quality, well-fitting, age-appropriate footwear to participate in school, physical education and extracurricular school sports. It was reported that often this was not happening. With your financial support, children can choose a new pair of quality footwear to wear to school and sports and be active in body and mind.

The Tools for School Program and the Shoes for School Program aim is to reduce known barriers to preventing children and youth from successful learning and participation in school. Together, with your support, we can continue to meet this need of community children and youth.

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