Fill a Fridge


The Fill-a-Fridge Program enables families to purchase groceries of their choice. Many of us are suffering, if not from the potential severity of the COVID-19 virus itself, from its economic side effects. Last Christmas Season a record 630+ individuals accessed FCSS Fill-a-Fridge. This year we expect to exceed this record! The target for the 2020 FCSS Fill-a-Fridge program is $60,000. Fill-a-Fridge is 100% funded by community donations. Every Dollar raised is used to feed LOCAL families.

To Donate:  CLICK HERE

Fill a Fridge certificates are redeemable at local grocery stores in the City of Lacombe and Lacombe County.  Our program is unique in that it allows families to purchase their OWN food items and make choices that work for their family! 

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